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What to Consider as a Dad for 2018

2018 and Fatherhood, what does this year hold for as a dad (or a mom)? What as Father’s will we learn from our children and our relationships? How can we practice patience with all the demands the world presents us with? Is our journey as a father and a man a burden or adventure?

How to Prepare for The Holiday Season

Families and the holidays are always a challenging time. What can dads do to make the holidays work for their families? We hope for everything to work out perfectly. Is that realistic?

How much pressure do we feel from all the consumerism we are surround with? How do we deal with the inevitable disappointments from family members and friends that occur at this time of year?

The Good Enough Dad

What are the qualities the Fathers’ Forum dads feel are important to be a “good enough dad.”
We can never be the perfect father but here are four good qualities to develop as a parent.
Being a dad is life long journey. Parenting and fatherhood help us discover who we are as men!