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The Window…Fatherhood and Anger

This poem was my “epiphany” moment of understanding how my anger could rise up in me and I might react to my own frustration rather than see the tenderness of the moment. It caused me to understand what was really important in life! My relationships, especial with my son.

The Window
Getting ready to go to work to give a lecture
putting notes 
in my briefcase.
The ball comes crashing through the window,
glass flying,
 a million tiny knives all over the living room.

In that moment, I feel my anger begin to grow:
my frustration at this house,
 never being organized enough,
the expense of getting the window fixed,

or a temporary solution of living with cardboard
an old piece of plywood,
thoughts of how will we 
clean up all this glass–

Anger grows as I know I will be late 
for my presentation.

Hearing your small 4 1⁄2 year old feet running up the steps,
seeing your small arm push 
open the door,
eyes look up to mine moist, searching.

I take you in my arms:
“Are you hurt?” 
It’s o.k.  
it’s only a window,
it can be replaced.

What’s important is that you are not hurt,
it’s only glass,
  you are my son,
I love you.
 “Let’s get the broom.”

Bruce Linton is the Founder of the Fathers’Forum programs. He is the author of “Finding Time for Fatherhood,” and “Becoming a Dad, How Fatherhood Changes Men.” His new book “Fatherhood: Journey from Man to Dad” will be published May 2017.