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Philosophy of Fatherhood begins today: Patience….(part 1 of 5)

Well…Thanksgiving is over and the “Holiday Season” has begun…get your credit cards out! Yikes so many conflicting feelings surface during the holidays. As a Marriage and Family Therapist this is my busiest time of year.

At the the blog for the Fathers’ Forum programs is still finding its way. Now that my own children are not only grown but married; I need to think seriously about what I have to offer the new and expectant dads that the Fathers’ Forum was designed for.

I think I can reflect now on the “big themes” of fatherhood that have dominated both my personal life and my professional life. Since the holidays can always be a tense time and hopefully a close and intimate time with your family too…let me start with the theme of “patience.” (Looks like I will be blogging about the big themes of fatherhood here…)

Holiday’s or not, your kids, your family and friends, your wife or partner everyone benefits by you having patience. That is my bedrock theme of what is most important in the “Philosophy of Fatherhood” …which I think is the direction this blog is now going. Not just for holidays but everyday living is so much better with a healthy dose of patience.

Well then what is patience and how do we get it!  According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

1. bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint

2. manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain

3. not hasty or impetuous

4. steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity

So those are some working definitions…make sense? But how we get patience and what it means in our lives…especially for our children is extremely important. And that is the theme of the “Philosophy of Fatherhood” I will be blogging about this week. And the holiday season is the best time to undertake this journey…how to be a more patient person.  Check back tomorrow for the next installment!