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Hurray for dads…make “kind” fathers a media focus!

Being a father is truly one of the most worthwhile, creative, and meaningful relationship we can experience in our lives. It is today’s dad, who like the million of loving and nurturing fathers that are actively involved with their children and are largely ignored by the media, are redefining what it means to be a man. The media instead will search for the deadbeat dad or child abuser, and run an hour-long special on a sick and mentally disturbed man who tormented his children, pointing out what this father did.

Meanwhile the millions of kind, and caring dads go about their responsibilities as parents inspired by the sheer joy of watching their children grow and develop and be a part of their lives. The development of this new paradigm for fatherhood — the involved and active dad — will be our most significant contribution in this millennium.

Yes, the microchip and the incredible technological advance we will see in our lives will be spectacular. And advances in the biological science will improve the health and longevity of our children in so many ways. But the infrastructure of all this will be our families and the new role fathers are engaged in within the family.

Here is a video you may enjoy!

Hurray for dads!