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How dads matter…what is a “good man?”

How do we act and how does it impact our children? What will they reflect on when they think back on how we parented them? Of course we want them to have good values, be honest and kind in their interactions with others. We want to share adventures with them in hopes of building memories. We know they will observe all we do and draw conclusion about life from our example.

Many other people: family, friends, teachers, coaches will  influence their lives. But as “the dad” we are always of special importance.   Listen to this short audio clip by Susan Dix Lyons about her dad and what it means to a “good man.”

Sometimes it is the shear ordinariness of what we do as men and dads that tells our children volumes about who we are.  It is my belief that in the day-to-day routine of our lives our children learn who we are and what we stand for.