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Health Benefits of Fatherhood

We usually think of woman as the “nurturing” ones but more research is showing that biologically men are also “wired” to be caretakers of children too.  In fact, it may just be good for their health and longevity! Here is some current research to support it.

Swedish researchers of more than 700,000 men found that those men who had families lived longer.

At the Makati Medical Center in the Philippines they found that having children effected men in several ways. That their psyche, body chemistry and level of maturity all improved for the better. That certainly helps the father-child relationship but it shows that the benefits of being a dad are for men as well as children.  Dr. Annabelle Aherrera, MD, Chairman of Makati Medical Center’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology commented,  “The first thing I notice about first time dads who come in my office is that they seem to want to live healthier lifestyles.”

Dads are motivated and inspired by becoming fathers to have healthier diets and drink and smoke less. Becoming a dad causes us to look after ourselves better.  Research from Stanford University showed that dads who have two or more kids are 17% less likely to die from heart disease than men who have no children.

It appears that the enjoyment men can have from raising kids really benefits them in many ways. Being actively involved in your children’s life brings a satisfaction that helps us feel more comfortable at work and a deeper sense of meaning in life that rasing children and having a family creates.

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