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Guest Post… DaddyHD from the UK…When do we spill the beans?

Nick Harris-Dobson, is 25 and expecting his first child…you can read about his adventures at DaddyHD. Here is a great recent post from his blog.

“When do we Spill the Beans?”

I’m sure this has been the center of many arguments in expectant parents. Some couples will want to share their news immediately, whereas others will want to hold out until that 12 week mark (this is that milestone I mentioned in my first post).

The reason couples hold out until that 12 week point has passed (or the end of the first trimester), is that experts and medical professionals alike say that the first 12 weeks are a where a mother is at the highest risk of miscarriage. It’s definitely not a pleasant subject, and it is upsetting for all involved, none more so than the expectant parents, so I won’t go into any further detail, I’m sure we all know what a miscarriage is.

Whichever way has been decided, the next step is the same for almost all couples, telling only close family and the best of friends. It is usually then decided that everyone else can wait until either, a; they notice a baby-bump starting to grow and finally pluck up the courage to ask if it’s a baby or sudden weight gain (they’d be braver than me if they asked that one) or b; it slip’s from either the couple’s mouth’s, or one of the family / friends who have already been privileged to the news.

If however you’re like me, you will get shouted out more than once for telling people before you’re supposed to. I just couldn’t contain myself! Once I knew I was going to be a father that was it, I wanted the world and his dog to know! To give me an ounce of credit, I did tell immediate family and friends before anyone else, as we’d agreed.. however.. I did then carry on telling further friends and close work colleagues before we reached the 12 week milestone. A number of things may get you out of trouble; flowers and chocolate may work if your significant other is that way inclined, but for me i think it was agreeing we should look at buying her a bigger car, so that we didn’t have to struggle getting the baby in and out the back of her current car, a 3-door Fiat 500.

For more info about Nick, his blog and his adventures visit him at…DaddyHD.