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Don’t “dis” Big Bird…

Don’t “dis” Big Bird…
In the recent Presidential debate former Governor Mitt Romney said he would discontinue funds to the Public Broadcasting Systems. He said he liked Big Bird but didn’t feel the government should give subsides to PBS which is one of the funding sources for Sesame Street…Big Bird’s home.

Millions of children each year get much of the early childhood learning from the Sesame Street TV show. Because of its worldwide reach, with the show shown in over 120 countries, many with adapted regional versions, Sesame Street is considered the world’s largest early childhood educator. We know that many preschoolers’ learn their numbers, colors and shapes from Sesame Street, and are better prepared for kindergarten. This is a hugely successful program, supported in part by our tax dollars. Very big dividends for our kids to have this resource.
Since it is seen all over the world, Big Bird, may be the United States most successful ambassador.

Mission Statement of the US Department of State:
“Create a more secure, democratic, and prosperous world for the benefit of the American people and the international community.
American diplomacy in the 21st century is based on fundamental beliefs: our freedom is best protected by ensuring that others are free; our prosperity depends on the prosperity of others; and our security relies on a global effort to secure the rights of all. The history of the American people is the chronicle of our efforts to live up to our ideals. In this moment in history, we recognize that the United States has an immense responsibility to use its power constructively to advance security, democracy, and prosperity around the globe. We will pursue these interests and remain faithful to our beliefs.”

One of the best models of America’s Ideals is Big Bird…education is the foundation of democracy. Our ideals of equality, cooperation, fairness and holding your neighbors hand when they need help crossing the street…these are things that Big Bird practices everyday…all around the world. Most of the worlds children get to know the United States from Sesame Street and Big Bird.
Of all the subsides the United States government supports the good Big Bird creates for our children and “good work” in helping others all around the world is an unparalleled benefit to our country and the mission of who we are as Americans.

I think both Governor Romney and President Obama are good men. There are many personal stories of the people they have helped and the lives they have touched. The complexity and sophistication it takes to do the job as President of the United States is immense. Understand the role that Big Bird has, in both our domestic education policy and our international good will is no laughing matter. Millions of children all over the world come to know America by watching Big Bird on Sesame Street.