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Smartphones and Parenting

When I was becoming a dad and a parent I was fortunate that smartphones had not been invented. It might have been even more important for my children!

Being distracted by smartphones when you are with your kids is becoming a concern for many parents and researchers today. This seem to be an increasing problem. There are so many benefits of smartphones but there is also a huge downside we are learning about now.

Researchers are investigating that talking less to young kids while surfing smartphones may impact their language development. Some of things researches are finding is that parents who are busy with their smartphones speak more harshly to their kids. It appears that baby’s development may be harmed by a parent’s excessive texting.

“We know from decades of research that face-to-face interactions are important for cognitive, language and emotional development. Before mobile devices existed, mealtime would’ve been a time where we would’ve seen those interactions,” said study author Dr. Jenny Radesky, a fellow in developmental-behavioral pediatrics at Boston Medical Center. Dr. Radesky’s research recently appeared in the March 10 issue of Pediatrics.

Questions are now being raised about the long-term effects on child development when parents and caregivers are frequently absorbed with their phones while spending time with kids, something we should all be concerned about.