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Who Was Your Father…Who Are You?

What was silent in the father speaks in the son, and often I found in the son the unveiled secret of the father. —Friedrich Nietzsche

When men become fathers, they are confronted with a profound
challenge to understand what “father” means to them. Most men
are perplexed by this. In both my personal and professional lives, I have
searched to understand why becoming a father is such an uncertain experience for men today.

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Health Benefits of Fatherhood

We usually think of woman as the “nurturing” ones but more research is showing that biologically men are also “wired” to be caretakers of children too.  In fact, it may just be good for their health and longevity! Here is some current research to support it.

Swedish researchers of more than 700,000 men found that those men who had families lived longer.

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Sex and Parenthood

by Bruce Linton

Having a baby and making the transition to parenthood is a very complicated process. I say this from both my professional perspective as a family counselor and my own experience as a father. With all the various pressures on young families, often there is not enough time or energy for parents to have the sexual contact one or both partners desire. As I look back on my marriage (and it’s still true today), both my wife and I have had to discuss and accommodate our personal needs and desires, as well as the logistics of work schedules and kids schedules to find the time and “timing” to be together sexually.

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