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3 Ways Fathers Make a Difference

The way a father acts with and towards his child has a big influence on his child’s development. Through current scientific research we are now articulating some of the specifics. We can no longer burden mothers with placing the psychological well being of their child solely on the mother-child bond. A number of writers are now making the scientific research on fatherhood  available in “decoded” formats for every parent to have access to. Here are three ways dads make a real difference in the lives of their children.

1.Babies are often handled more actively by their dads and with less of a pattern than they have come to expect from their moms. Both types of interactions are important to his or her development. The range of the different behavior is what is so important.  The randomness and surprise in dads play actually helps prepare kids for the social skills and behavior they will need in the outside world. So the more “play” with dad the better!

2. Fathers can contribute significantly to language development of their children.  It appears from the current research that fathers who use more words during play with their preschooler those kids have more advanced language skills a year latter. So dads talk it up!

3. Kids who fathers read to them, take them on outings, and help care for them on a regular basis have fewer behavioral problems in their early school years and a lesser likelihood of delinquency as adolescents. Be involved…in everything…being a dad is an adventure…if you enjoy being a father your kid will benefit too.

Paul Raeburn’s exploration of the scientific evidence concludes that fathers have a profound influence and, in some instances, fathers are indeed shown to be more important than mothers. Check out Paul Raeburn’s new book:
Do Fathers Matter?: What Science Is Telling Us About the Parent We’ve Overlooked