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Morning Meditation…before preschool

Morning Meditation
We could be rushing off to school,
but we slow the moment down

I consider what is really of value 
to me.
I make my decision.

With such mastery she adjusts her socks,

folding over the tops,

slips on her tennis shoes and ties her laces with her total attention

then comes the big decision for the day:
double knots?

Both moms and dads have busy mornings. I wrote this poem when I noticed
I had a choice about my day and my daughter’s day. The “double knots” describe
both our dilemmas. For her it is very hard to untie her shoes when she has double knots.
For me the the “double knot” is getting her to preschool on time and getting to my work.
I made my decision, we will stay with the moment.