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Consult with Dr. Linton

Bruce Linton, Ph.D. is the founder of the Fathers’ Forum Programs. In 1989 Bruce developed the Fathers’ Forum programs to help expectant and new dads. The services of the Fathers’ Forum include: groups, classes and workshops for new and expectant fathers. The Fathers’ Forum mission is to help men create a conversation about becoming and being fathers.  In the USA and many other countries around the world, men are aspiring to be involved and nurturing parents. Bruce found in his research that fathers talking together are a great resource for expectant and new dads. Although many cultures approach fatherhood differently, Bruce has discovered the commitment men feel towards their child is universal and allows men to find “common ground” and “tolerance” when talking about the world they want their children to live in.

Bruce is the author of “Becoming a Dad, How Fatherhood Changes Men.” He has produced a DVD titled “Becoming a Father” in which 15 dads, who have been in the Fathers’ Forum Groups over the last 20 years, talk about their experiences of becoming fathers and participating in the Fathers’ Forum. Bruce teaches a “Becoming a Father” class in Berkeley, California. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California is the USA. He counsels fathers and couples with young children. Bruce received his PhD. for his research on “Men’s Development as Father’s from Pregnancy to a year Post-partum.”

His Psychotherapy website is


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