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Fatherhood the new “Men’s Movement”

Parenting is hard. Balancing work and family is hard. Kids are kids. Our families are
not accessories to our lives or objects we can control completely. And if we want to be the sort of parents to raise children of character and integrity, we have to unselfishly give a great deal of ourselves to the project.
—Author Unknown

One of the lasting changes that came out of the 1960’s was the Women’s Movement. What women began as a revolution, however, has become an evolution. Both women and men are continuing to move away from traditionally defined gender roles. While these role changes have perhaps been more visible for women, men are moving at their own pace towards new possibilities. The changes in role expectations are opening up a new world for men who want to be fathers. The egalitarianism that is now possible among couples allows men to express their deep desire and ability to nurture and care that was previously the object of social disapproval. Men are beginning to feel that they have a choice between spending time at work and taking time to be with their children while they grow up. Men who were able to take advantage of this possibility began to report a very deep feeling of satisfaction as well as personal growth, which they experienced by being with and caring for their babies. As other men viewed this new role-making behavior and began to hear men recount the peak experience of being present at their children’s birth, the notion of becoming a father began to take on new meaning.

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Dads and Emotion

New Dad Times welcomes guest blogger and dad Mark Stelzner.

Dads and Emotion

I was thinking today about the burden that Dad’s have in our society today. Dad’s are expected to be more involved with the care taking of their child after so many years of being the bread winner. This change doesn’t happen over night. There are generations of momentum to work against. It takes time for the transition.

Men are then sent mixed messages about being in touch with their emotions. Men are supposed to be more emotional in this day and age but then often if they are, they are seen as too feminine.

When Dad’s do get in touch with their emotions, sometimes it’s the first time, and that can be incredibly challenging, especially in the context of taking care of a baby. The expectation is that Moms need support during this time but there isn’t enough emphasis on the Dad.

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Your Own Frame of Mind Will Influence Your Child’s Future

Welcome guest blogger Rachel Thomas to the New Dad Times, blog of the Fathers’ Forum.

Parents influence the minds of their children far more than what many of them realize. While they are young, children are absorbing every bit of information as they develop. The majority of this information comes from you. Everything you say, the way you act, and even many of your mannerisms will become integrated into your child. The way your child will approach this information can also be influenced by how you approach similar situations in your life.

The teachers at school may be developing their knowledge of studies, but it is you who will teach them about real life instances and adaptation. You can influence a variety of aspects of their life such as:

  • Social interaction
  • Eating habits
  • Linguistic skills
  • Emotional responses
  • Even sense of humor

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Who Was Your Father…Who Are You?

What was silent in the father speaks in the son, and often I found in the son the unveiled secret of the father. —Friedrich Nietzsche

When men become fathers, they are confronted with a profound
challenge to understand what “father” means to them. Most men
are perplexed by this. In both my personal and professional lives, I have
searched to understand why becoming a father is such an uncertain experience for men today.

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