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8 Important Considerations for Fathers

  1. From birth onward your physical presence is important to your child. Understand how “being there” for your children often means saying little but standing in the audience, sitting in the bleachers or driving the carpool.
  1. Listen, listen, listen and listen to everything your children want to tell you. As they get older take seriously their positions, ideas and opinions.

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How I Stayed Present With My Child Even When He Didn’t Want Me There

Mark Steizner is our guest blogger this week. He is an apprentice  at the Fathers’ Forum Programs and co-leads our Thursday evening “Men’s Group for Fathers of Young Children.” For more of Mark’s terrific writing on becoming a dad visit his blog “Dad in the Here and Now.”

One of the hardest things for a father is when your child seemingly doesn’t want to be with you. About a month ago my twenty month old son wanted to be with his mommy all the time. Then my in-laws would come over and he’d want to be with them. He’s a toddler and it’s really nothing personal but it was breaking my heart. You can’t help but love your child deeply, and want to be around them.

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