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Lack of Sleep on New Parents

“How does the sleep deprivation experiment affect you as a couple?” This was the theme that emerged from our Father’s Group this week. Baby’s sometime, it appears, can survive without sleep…but not so for mom and dad.

Although I am approaching this in a light hearted way…well the truth is really this is quite a serious problem for all new parents or parents of multiple children when a “new addition” comes along. I am not going to talk about strategies or solve this problem. I just want to bring into the conversation the impact that lack of sleep has when you are trying to work, be a parent and deal with the complexities of life without enough sleep.  It is really difficult to do.

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10 Ways Your Smartphone Use Is Affecting Your Toddler

by Amy Williams

We all know the role good nutrition and early childhood education plays in our children’s development. We encourage our toddlers to play, learn their ABC’s, and develop healthy habits. While we strive to create the ultimate learning environment, many parents fail to realize the impact our own Smartphone use has on toddlers.

We are highly connected, using devices to juggle work and family which allows our phones to become an essential tool for managing our daily lives. Our technology is often seen as a tool to connect with others and make lives easier, but experts are starting to observe technology is interfering with our parenting skills and children’s well-being.




Technology does have a time and place, but placing our Smartphones and devices before our children’s needs can lead to emotional trauma and the development of physical problems. The following list is a compilation of possible unintended consequences our Smartphones may have on our families:

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Raising the Status of Parenthood for Men

I did this video a few years ago as part of a film project about the Fathers’ Forum programs. It has been the focus of most of my professional career to help raise consciousness about how difficult but important the work-family-balance is. So many generations of men have missed the opportunity to have close emotional relationships with their children. When we are not able to be part of our children’s lives in a meaningful way everyone loses…not just the kids and wife but the dad may suffer the most……

When Men Become Fathers

The opportunities for fathers to participate in the early years of their children’s lives appear to be becoming more important to men today. In the father’s group I facilitate, many of the men comment on how they never had any close contact with their own fathers, and how that has made them painfully aware of how important being present in their children’s lives is. Others express that given the opportunity to choose between potential career advancement or spending time with their children, being with their kids feel like the more creative option.

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